The Only Networking Tip You Need for ATA59

I saw this recently down the rabbit hole that is the internet, and I immediately thought of the upcoming ATA Conference:


Isn’t it just perfect?

(PS — You can read more advice about networking for translators here and hereIf you know who I should credit for the image, please message me so I can add appropriate links.)




Get ready for #ATA58!


Are you planning on heading to Washington, DC this October for the 58th Annual Conference of the American Translators Association? I sure am — I used to live in the neighborhood where the conference is being held. DC is a great place for language lovers and folks who love to explore different cultures. Here are my recommendations for the conference. Feel free to add yours in the comments below!

At #ATA58

  • Sign up for my pre-conference Advanced Skills and Training workshop on revision (AST-14). We’ll be reviewing the basics of tidying up the written word and spending plenty of time on translation-specific problems like working with non-native texts and dictated translations, and jumping between specialty fields. Details are available here.
  • The French Language Division is putting on a number of fun events, including a happy hour mixer and the annual dinner. (Sign up soon for the dinner; it regularly sells out.)
  • In addition to all the great presentations, I highly recommend attending at least one special event—the job fair and brainstorm networking have been very helpful to me at prior conferences. It’s a chance to meet potential clients and colleagues you might not see otherwise.

Around DC (and walking distance to the conference hotel)

  • Kramer Books is a great place to browse for new reads (and get a potent cup of Irish coffee to go with your purchase).
  • The Phillips Collection has one of my favorite curated art collections in the world—the last time I went, they were still arranging the rooms by subject, rather than artist or time period. It’s a whole new way to see artwork!
  • St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar tucked away on Jefferson Street offers scrumptious moules-frites and a wide selection of Belgian beer.

I hope to see you in DC. Please share your favorite city sites in the comments below—even with the politicking, it’s a wonderful place to visit!

Links for getting the most out of conferences

airplane drawing

I’m packing my bags and flying out today for ATA54 in San Antonio, Texas. It’s my first multi-day industry conference, so I’m pretty excited!

Below is a round-up of tips I found useful in preparing for this large professional event. I hope you find them helpful, whatever conference you may attend.

The only other advice I feel I can add to this is: to thine own self be true. I’m not an early riser, for instance, so you definitely won’t find me at the 6am yoga sessions, no matter how lovely they might be. I do like having a lot of time to observe the action, though, so you will find me seated at the information table for the National Capital Area Translators Association quite a bit (I just phased out of my board member role, post-move, but I can still recommend joining!).

If you’re planning to attend the conference and want to say hi, you know where to find me!

What advice do you have for conference-goers? How did you enjoy attending your first major professional event?