Major changes coming soon

If you follow my doings on Facebook, you might have noticed that I announced some big news last week: I’m moving to California on October 1st!

California flag

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks figuring out how to make this transition out of the Washington, DC area smooth. Luckily, since my business is set up as a sole proprietorship, moving Untangled Translations is easy. All I have to do is discontinue my current DBA (“doing business as”) paperwork, and set up a new DBA with my new city. No tax muss, no red tape fuss.

I’ve had a website makeover in the works for a little while now. That got put on a fast track, so everyone will be able to see the new look along with my new contact information some time next week. Once that’s live, I’ll adjust my location in the million and one sites I use to advertise virtually.

After I’ve unpacked a couple boxes in my new home, I’ll be sending out cards to major clients and colleagues with my new mailing address and landline phone number. It will be the first major use of some new stationery I designed, so that will be fun!

I will continue to keep posting here once or twice a week, as always, though possibly not on the typical Tuesday-Thursday schedule. Thanks for bearing with me. (And many thanks to recent commenters who left me some great topics to cover!)

Have you ever moved your business? How did you handle the change?


6 thoughts on “Major changes coming soon

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