Business Plan in a Day {book review}

I’ve been struggling lately with keeping all my ideas, goals, dreams, and routines organized. There’s just too much to fit in my head!

After a lengthy hunt among online and print resources (most of which were way too woo-woo, and lacked concrete, do-this-now advice), I ran across Business Plan in a Day, by Rhonda Abrams. If you can ignore the shameless plugs by the publisher to visit their online resource store, you will get a lot of use out of this book.

Business Plan in a Day, by Rhonda Abrams

Business Plan in a Day is mainly designed for entrepreneurs who need to write up a summary of their whole business concept in order to seek funding. It’s OK if that’s not your goal—every entrepreneur out there will benefit from clarifying their mission and current situation. Abrams breaks down every aspect of doing business into bite-sized pieces and walks you through the process with basically a long questionnaire.

It totally works. In one afternoon, I had sketched out my entire money-making being from A to Z, minus some research that will take more time to compile. My company description, target market, competition, marketing and sales plan, operations, management, development, and financials—all demystified, and only about 2 typed pages long. It was pretty painless, identified the few holes in my previous attempts to get organized, and helped me focus my daydreaming about my future in freelancing.

If you feel like you’re floundering or stagnating in your business life, or have reached a wall blocking your next steps, Business Plan in a Day can help. It’s a no-nonsense, manageable guide to writing down everything you’ve been thinking but haven’t been able to put in words. No headaches involved.

What books, websites, or speakers do you turn to when you need less motivation and more action in your business life? How do you map out your career dreams?


What are your thoughts? Let's hear them!

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