How I chose my specialty field: Therese Iknoian

To watch the interview on YouTube, click here.

Therese Iknoian is a journalist-turned-translator of German fitness and outdoor sports texts. She’s based in California, but flies back to Germany pretty often for tradeshows, client meetings, and other business.

Watch the interview to hear Therese’s thoughts on switching careers into translation, working in a tight-knit niche, and staying current. Some highlights from our conversation:

  • Authenticity is a big deal, to clients and consumers.
  • You don’t have to dream of Everest to be part of the outdoor sports community.
  • Her favorite thing about translation as a career? Being able to hand-pick clients and develop close relationships with them.
  • There are pitfalls to that good translator trait, curiosity: you can only fit so many careers and business ventures into one lifetime!

Feel free to share your thoughts below! Therese and I are standing by to answer other questions you might have.

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