Achievement level unlocked

Have you heard friends equate life events big and small to “leveling up” in video games? It never strikes me as appropriate for personal/domestic achievements (since no one’s life goals are the same), but I love the idea for business.

achievement unlocked: I am my own boss!Some steps in business apply no matter what you do. Buying business cards, for instance. And often, these little achievements aren’t quite worthy of a big press release—they just make you feel better, more secure, more professional in your business persona.

Here are some of the major achievements I think we should all celebrate in our business lives—if only for a few minutes, privately—as steps that move you up from amateur/debutante/hobbyist to varying levels of professional:

  • Buying your first run of business cards
  • Getting your first customer full stop
  • Getting your first customer who initiates the contact (rather than you submitting your resume first)
  • Receiving a compliment from a new client
  • Subscribing to/receiving your first industry-related publication
  • Joining your first professional association
  • Getting your first repeat customer
  • Resolving your first complaint/request for revisions with professional communication on both sides
  • Attending your first professional association event (virtual or otherwise)
  • Treating a professional contact to coffee or a meal from your business funds
  • Seeing your name in print alongside the word “translator” (or interpreter, writer… whatever you do professionally!)
  • Being asked your opinion as an industry expert
  • Looking so professional in your virtual presence that you get those obnoxious, poorly worded emails from “translators” wanting to get on your payroll
  • Teaching a class or creating some other sort of strategic partnership with an institution or business

Feel free to add your own ideas below!

Which achievement levels have you unlocked this year? Which ones are you working towards? What have you been most proud of in the life of your business?


3 thoughts on “Achievement level unlocked

  1. Great post, Carolyn!

    As already briefly mentioned on Twitter, why not launch the idea of a Twitter hashtag like #T9nAchievement to motivate fellow translators and interpreters to strive towmards milestones and achievements?
    Gamification can be very motivating and help achieving goals in a more playful way.

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