2014 Plans

bright winter morning

Ahh, I love the smell of a fresh new year! And I have a feeling 2014 is going to be pretty darn exciting. Here are some of the plans I’m looking forward to digging in to:

  • Reaching out to more direct clients. I dipped my toes in the water of this one a bit last year, but I would like to get some better results. This means stepping up my game by collaborating with colleagues for editing services, developing useful outreach materials, and visiting places where potential clients might gather. I’m also putting together a regular newsletter to keep in touch with all my current clients (agency PMs or otherwise) and colleagues—sign up here!
  • Getting my face out there more, in preparation for eventually speaking professionally. I have terrible stage fright; this is a big move I’ll need to take in small stages. Last month, I hosted the second of my local coffee chats for translators and interpreters. Now I’m going to start advertising them to potential clients, too. I’d also like to incorporate video chats into my professional life more. Keep an eye out here for some “live” interviews, in lieu of transcripts!
  • Writing a few articles for client and translator publications. I’ve got a solid core of ideas from my experience with writing for you, and now I’d like to expand a bit and direct some writing at potential clients, too. Anyone have any tips for me?
  • Getting some sort of language certification for Hungarian (a colleague recommended the OPI LTI test). I know I can translate Hungarian, but some people want more proof than my own word. This is step one in a longer-term plan for having formal training in Hungarian-specific translation.

To be honest, I’ve already started working on some of my 2014 goals. I was just too excited by some of my ideas to let them wait until the calendar change.

What about you? How have you mapped out your new year?


5 thoughts on “2014 Plans

  1. Happy New Year to you too! Interesting how many of your goals for 2014 match mine, including overcoming stage fright when speaking in public! Good luck with yours; looking forward to hearing how things go!

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Happy New Year! My plans are pretty much the same (only I’ll skip the Hungarian part, it’d actually be freaky if I got certified in a language I can’t speak, lol!). On top of that, I also plan to work hard on marketing and training.

    See you in Budapest in May, then?



    • I don’t know if a trip to Budapest is in my budget this year, but you never know! That’s the excitement of freelancing—there’s always a chance you’ll land a huge contract all of a sudden. And if I do, you bet a flight and a few weeks in a Hungarian hotel would follow 🙂

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