2013 Year in Review

I set some broad goals for myself as I entered my first full calendar year as a full-time freelancer. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with 2013. Schedules got a bit hairy around my move to California, and I won’t say business didn’t suffer at all… But I definitely feel different, more comfortable in my professional skin. And that can’t be bad!

Here’s a look back at my goals, with more specific thoughts on each:

  • acting as Secretary for the National Capital Area Translators Association, the DC-area subgroup of the ATA (thanks, all members who voted for me!). I had to step down a couple months shy of the full year due to my cross-country move, but I like to think I made an impact. We had regular, interesting content up on our website and social media sites. A bunch of younger translators joined, perhaps because of some of the outreach events I found for us to attend. And towards the end, I took on web manager duties as well—which went pretty smoothly. It was an experience to remember!
  • getting my website translated into French and Hungarian. I actually did this twice this year—on my own last January, and then through a couple out-of-English colleagues in November after I updated my site structure. It wasn’t nearly as expensive as I expected to have colleagues translate my site, and it involved far less hair-pulling than the DIY route. My advice? Do your pricing research before you try it yourself. You could save yourself a lot of time better spent researching leads.
  • focusing my writing on the art of translation. I have tried to include a good number of posts on writing, editing, and terminology. What have you liked? Disliked? Is there anything you’d like me to cover in the upcoming year?
  • becoming more involved in client-oriented groups. I attended several web/phone conferences hosted by the American Bar Association, an in-person symposium, and the ATA conference. But there’s always room for more, especially now that I live so far from my original home base.
  • learning more about my subject-matter areas. I think I knocked this one out of the park this year. A couple classes through Coursera on EU and entrepreneur law, some ABA events on legal research and antitrust issues, not to mention all the wonderful sessions in San Antonio.

How was your 2013? What accomplishment are you most proud of? What unexpected challenge did you manage with style?


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