(Almost) live from California

A quick thought from California, while I wait for internet to be set up at the new house:

I listened to most of The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss, on the plane ride over here (yes, I’m slow to jump on the bandwagon). One idea in particular stuck with me, because it grated a bit. There’s no way I could only check email once a week… or so I thought. One week in to only accessing internet at coffee shops, I can see how it might work for me over the long term (in a modified way).

Moving is great for forcing you to streamline everything, from what papers and office equipment you consider “essential” to which emails you actually read versus which you delete without opening. Unless I have a client project to do, I now know I only need about an hour at most of computer time a day. That includes reading and responding to emails, maintaining my website, and having some social media presence. It’s quite liberating to think that way!

How do you manage your computer time? What business ideas have surprised you recently?


3 thoughts on “(Almost) live from California

  1. Well said Carolyn. Nothing like a house or cross country move that gets you to realize how much “stuff” that you have and haven’t touched in years. Good luck in California. See you at ATA54.

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