Vive la rentrée!

Do you ever catch yourself getting excited about the new school year, years after graduating? To me, la rentrée (French for the return from summer, in the northern hemisphere) is just as exciting, if not more so, than the new year. Cooler weather means longer walks outdoors. Changing leaves. Apple cider. And, often, new purchases.

autumn leaves

This fall, I’ve been thinking about making my office space more cozy. No more hand-me-down desk and chair from my husband’s work-at-home days. I want an armoire like this so I can really truly pack work away when I’m done for the day. I’d love a cushy swivel chair, too. I’m in my office quite a lot. Why not pick things that are practical and pretty?

Besides these larger changes, I’ve also resolved to sort through my old papers to organize the keepers and finally toss the scraps. Sort of like a spring clean, but wrong season. This will make room for business cards, flyers, and notes from upcoming university events I might want to attend. Now is the time to plan for continuing education!

What are your autumn rituals? How do your work habits change over the year?


Reminder: You still have until midnight tonight to enter my anniversary giveaway! I’ll post the results tomorrow.


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