Local Linguists: Spring 2013 summary

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these short interviews with translators and interpreters in the Washington, DC metro area! In just three quick questions, so much information was covered, from ideal business practices, to studying abroad, to the difference between a creole and a patois. If you missed any of the articles, here are the links:

  • Victor Foster (FR-EN), who discussed translation and speech technologies
  • Paul Merriam (SP/PL/RU/DE-EN), who first learned languages as part of Army duties
  • Theresa Shepherd (FR-EN), who talked about the business side of translation alongside the social side
  • Di Wu (ZH-EN), who switched from being an engineer to being a linguist
  • Nadine Edwards (JA-EN), who offered tons of great advice for those who want to become translators or interpreters (or both!)
  • Mila Cobos (EN-SP), who fell into the profession after an academic exchange

I’m planning on returning to this series in the fall, and I’d love your feedback. Are there any topics you’d like covered? Languages you’d like highlighted? Do you have any questions you’d like to add to the list? Chime on in! I’ll incorporate as many of your ideas as possible.

Also, if you’re a translator or interpreter in or around DC interested in being interviewed, drop me a line at carolyn [at] untangledtranslations [dot] com. I’d love to talk!



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