Hungarian Heritage event at the Smithsonian

I’m very busy this week preparing for the Hungarian Heritage: Roots to Revival program at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. The festivities officially begin tomorrow (though I have it on good word that if you stop by the National Mall today, you can watch rehearsals). The Hungarian section is located in front of the American History Museum. I’ll be there from 10am to 6pm Wednesday through Friday, and Sunday as well, helping guests and artists interact and discuss Hungarian culture.

If you’re in DC, do stop by! I’d love to see you in person.

The festival promises to be quite exciting for hungarophiles—dancing, singing, crafting, and cooking. When I lived in Hungary, many of my high-school-aged friends were heavily involved in folkdance groups. We also had several dances at the community center in my village. It’s a sight and sound I’ve missed. And it will certainly be a wonderful opportunity to nosh on paprikás and pálacsinta. Since I can’t make it back to Hungary this year, I’m thrilled to have it come to me instead.

Now, after so many long days outside in a big crowd, I will need a week-long vacation to reset. That’s just my nature. Please excuse the silence; I’ll be back mid-July with more to say!


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