Mid-year goals check-in

I can’t believe how quickly this year has blown by! We’re already mid-way through. To help keep me focused on my goals, despite ever-changing workloads and project topics, I wanted to revisit my goals from January.

  • acting as Secretary for the National Capital Area Translators Association: This has been going well for me, I think (though ultimately, it’s our members who decide). We’ve been getting lots of great opportunities sent our way, and we send out exclusive job postings pretty regularly. Using LinkedIn has helped us expand the number of messages our members can get without the dreaded inbox monsoon. Plus, I’m getting to know so many more local linguists!
  • getting my website translated into French and Hungarian: Putting this goal out there really helped me stay accountable to it. It only took me a couple weeks after publishing to get my act together. My professional website has been fully tri-lingual since mid-January now, which has given me the time to reconsider the design, copy, and update process. I’ve got a new design in the plans for the new year already, which I should be able to push live with this multilingual aspect completed ahead of time.
  • focusing my writing on the art of translation: I still write the occasional piece on business topics, but I’ve been focusing more on providing research tips, specialized resources, legal language explanations, and mini-glossaries. Plus, I published another Hungarian poem in translation for you. This has been quite fun, not to mention educational for me. What have you liked best? What would you like to see in the second half of the year? Let me know in the comments!
  • becoming more involved in client-oriented groups: I thought I’d wait until later in the year to work on this goal, but in fact, I’ve already taken a first step by attending a lawyer’s symposium at George Washington University! It was a little out of my comfort zone to be surrounded by so many law experts; luckily, even staying in the shadows, I learned a lot. When the school year picks back up, I will definitely try to go to more of these kinds of events.
  • learning more about my subject-matter areas: Joining the American Bar Association has given me several opportunities to work on this. I sat in on two webinars already, one on ethics for lawyers, another on conducting legal research. I’ve also leafed through several books and blogs on legal drafting and law topics. Little by little, I’m working on this one—though there’s always more to learn.

How are you doing on your business resolutions for 2013? Have they changed a lot?


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