English equivalents of Hungarian business entities

I found a couple excellent resources for those interested in the various Hungarian business entities and how they map to English/American equivalents. There is a short version here, and a longer (very well written) PDF created by a Hungarian law firm here.

I am a big fan of these types of resources—they’re neither “parallel documents” nor are they dictionaries. Written for non-translators by experts in the field, these guides explain the basics of establishing a business in Hungary using field-specific terminology (but not jargon). You learn a little more than what a dictionary would tell you, without having to hunt through too many pages of legal-type texts. Reading guides like this can bring you closer to your end clients, too—they are written by lawyers for businessmen, both of whom might need your services!

Here are the basic acronyms decoded:

Kft. = limited liability company

Zrt. = private company limited by shares

Bt. = limited partnership

Just remember that legal systems do not map perfectly across borders. It’s better to use the original (source) acronyms and offer an explanation once or twice of what they mean in roughly the target legal system’s terms. You don’t want to mislead the reader.

What do you read when you need to get a better grasp on an acronym or big-picture term? How do you handle foreign entity names in your target text?


What are your thoughts? Let's hear them!

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