French-English printing and publishing terms

I’ve had a lot of fun with a recent large project exploring the history of printing and typesetting technology. Let me share a bit of my glossary with you. Sources are included for the more elusive terms.

  • les alloués = ~ novices. These were less-educated apprentices, but I haven’t found an equivalent in English apprenticeship glossaries and histories yet—if you know one, please share! (source1, source2, and source3)
  • le caractère mobile = movable type
  • le clichage = [cliché] platemaking
  • un compositeur = typesetter; compositor
  • la composition mécanique = mechanical typesetting
  • un metteur en page = a layout artist; layout specialist
  • le pianotype = pianotype (source)
  • un pressier = press operator
  • productions imprimées = print publications; printed products
  • un prote = a master printer
  • quenouille = distaff
  • serpes = billhook
  • stéréotypie = stereotyping; stereotype casting (see Wikipedia for an interesting discussion of the original printing versus modern usage)
  • un relieur = a [book]binder
  • la reliure = [book]binding
  • le rotative = rotary press

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