Thoughts near the end of a busy week

It’s been such a busy week between Easter and my mom’s birthday, I don’t have any deep insights for you today. But, I have been working hard and having fun, so I still have a few things to throw at ya!

  • I got to represent the freelance option to language and communication students attending a departmental career expo at Georgetown University on Tuesday. What fun! Everyone had such good questions. I’ll share pictures soon.
  • I’ve been translating articles for an academic journal for the past couple weeks, and had a sort of out-of-body experience. By that I mean, on reading through the translation one last time, I didn’t recognize the writing as my own. I consider that a win!
  • We have a fun potential project in the works at the NCATA that may give you the chance to get a taste of our monthly meet-ups from the comfort of your home, near or far (and good timing, too—our next one is about how to make ProZ work for you! Who wouldn’t want to know?!). Look for it at the end of the month, fingers crossed.
  • Here on the blog, I’m working on a fun series to introduce you to the many talented linguists here in the nation’s capital region, from Maryland to Virginia. Are you excited yet?

What have you been up to lately? Do you do weekly check-ins with yourself, too?


One thought on “Thoughts near the end of a busy week

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