Property and Liability Coursera class update

I mentioned back in January that I caved on the Coursera craze and signed up for a class exploring the intersection of property law and related economic theory. So far, the class is quite interesting! The professor broke down his weekly talks into several short segments, which he uploads all at once. It’s very easy to sneak one or two clips in each day, around the other parts of my schedule. Each talk has a few quiz questions embedded to help you digest what you’ve heard, and then there’s a longer quiz for each week’s “homework.” And, for those who like them, there are plenty of forums for discussing topics related to each week’s lessons.

Richard Adelstein, the professor leading this particular class, is an excellent speaker. He talks slowly, but not unnaturally so, and repeats key concepts with slight variations several times (teacher trick!). His slides are short phrases that highlight what he’s saying (rather than a long transcript). Sometimes he writes out parts of a word problem, so you can really follow along visually to the audio (great for someone like me! My ears never catch everything…) There’s an amazing collection of books behind him, too. It feels like he invited you to his home office to chitchat about a topic, not like some overstuffed lecture hall.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, I can definitely see myself paying for a class every year or so, especially if it will be at the under-100 price-point I heard about. This is such a great format for professionals who want to keep learning, but cringe at the idea of returning to the university scene. I’m excited to see what gets offered next time around!


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