The intersection of CPD and marketing

Posting to social media, cold calling, sending follow-up emails, tracking income and expenses, not to mention actually producing “the goods”… Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything running a translation business requires!

Here’s one idea to combine two important aspects into one event: local learning events sponsored by potential clients. I’m blessed in the DC metro area with some big-name law schools, and some big-name law firms. This week, George Washington Law School is hosting a symposium, sponsored by local lawyers, on competition policy and procurement law. A recent job got me interested in learning more about antitrust issues—so, what great timing! And you better believe I’ll have a stack o’ business cards along for the ride.

Universities and community colleges often host free educational events like this that are open to the public. (GW Law’s calendar lists several other interesting talks through May.) Why not check out their options? Do a little CPD surrounded by live human beings, and who knows? You may even meet your next referral!

What other ways do you combine business tasks? How do you get creative with your CPD?


One thought on “The intersection of CPD and marketing

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