My life on a map

Inspired by Marta Stelmaszak’s recent post on visual CVs, I decided to play around in Illustrator to see how I might incorporate a map into my site design. (I’m a huge fan of maps. One of the highlights of my year in Hungary was being in the same room as a roughly 500-year-old German map while visiting Pannonhalma. No joke.)


My life on a map, or, from Virginia and back again.

Click to enlarge.

This is just a draft; comments are welcome. I’m sure I’ll change the colors eventually, but it was a major chore the first time through. In the end, I decided against using this on my website right now—I’m going for a very clean look with lots of white, and simple lines. I did add the map (without text) to my background on Twitter and my new page for color.

If you want to play with a map in your design program, I found the outline of the world I used here for free, available in many different formats.


What are your thoughts? Let's hear them!

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