Buying Hungarian books in North America

A reader asked me recently about locating Hungarian-language books outside of Hungary. I don’t know about other continents, but in North America, it sure is difficult. Up until now, I’ve been searching good old Amazon and hoping for the best. However, I may have found a slightly more reliable source: Ten Thousand Steps, a New York City-based Hungarian bookstore. Drukkoljük! (Cross our fingers!)

Though many older items seem to be out of stock, they get new titles in all the time. Így szerettek ôk – Magyar irodalmi szere, for instance. (A book on love in Hungarian literature, a topic that fascinates me after getting acquainted with the national poetry.)

Check out the store’s Facebook page for how and when to visit in person, or order your items online! For reasonable costs and shipping fees! Amazing!

If they don’t have what you’re looking for, here are a couple more North American bookstores specializing in Hungarian reading material:

  • Csimpilimpi in Austin, Texas (children’s books only)

Do you have a favorite resource for Hungarian literature/ dictionaries/DVDs in the US or Canada? They’re hard to find—please share your links!


3 thoughts on “Buying Hungarian books in North America

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  2. Hey there I found this while looking online to buy Hungarian books, just thought you’d like to know of this Hungarian book website that ships to North America:
    If you’re wondering about shipping, I bought a soft cover book at 450 forint, and it came to about $20 CAD with everything included. Seems reasonable to me especially since I couldn’t find the book anywhere else!

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