Happy 2013!

Routine is almost a four-letter word to me, but rituals… those I embrace. Especially those associated with the new year: clearing out what I no longer need, restocking useful resources, and getting an idea of where I’m headed in the next 12 months. The short, grey days are my ideal “thinking things through” period.

I don’t like to over-plan—wiggle room is a must for unexpected opportunities!— but so far I have the following sketched out:

  • acting as Secretary for the National Capital Area Translators Association, the DC-area subgroup of the ATA (thanks, all members who voted for me!). Our annual meeting is coming up in less than 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone I’ve met in the last couple years and learning how to fill this role.
  • getting my website translated into French and Hungarian. I’ve been dragging my feet on this one, since I keep tweaking the copy here and there. I think it’s very close to finalized, especially now that I have a more concrete idea of the type of texts I want to focus on translating (academic and legal, in case you wondered). Thank goodness for good site code—it makes generating and editing .po files so simple!
  • focusing my writing on the art of translation, with interesting odds and ends from my two source cultures. There are plenty of blogs that deal with the business side of translation. I’d rather use my space to help spread interest in Hungarian and French, and to work through any linguistic problems on my mind. Communication first! Entrepreneurship second.
  • becoming more involved in client-oriented groups. This is one I’ll probably address later in the year. I’m not sure whether that means going to more university events, law conferences, or getting in touch with editors of various journals and publications. Or a combination of these. Luckily, here in the DC area, any of these are possible (and relatively painless, travel-wise).
  • learning more about my subject-matter areas through free online courses and lectures, and good old-fashioned textbooks. You can never learn too much! I might even be able to access books on law and academic journals in my source languages, now that I have an e-reader… No need to worry about overseas delivery.

I think all that will keep me plenty busy!

How about you? What are you looking forward to in this new year?


3 thoughts on “Happy 2013!

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