Year in Review: 2012

My husband and I were talking about what to write on our Christmas cards last week, and I was convinced that some of the notable events he mentioned were from one or two years ago… So much has happened this year! Since last January, I:

  • filed all the paperwork for my new business name and set up a separate bank account for work income and expenses.
  • gave notice at my day job and set out to freelance full time (probably the most anxiety-inducing decision I made all year! and I’m happy I did).
  • learned how to effectively use Excel to log all the new words I come across and got a good start on building my own glossary.
  • restructured my website (twice!) to add more specific fields of expertise, happy client feedback, and a list of past projects.
  • became more active in social media through Twitter, LinkedIn, and this blog.
  • joined the ATA (and benefited from membership already!).

And those are only the bigger milestones! No wonder I was happy to do very little on our 2-week-long vacation. I’ve been busy!

For the next few days, I’m going to relax, visit family, and revel in all I’ve accomplished this year. I hope you’re doing the same, or at least enjoying what you’re working on now. See you in the new year!


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